Which Way Might the Don’t Knows Go? – Evidence from the Wings Poll

Full results from the Wings over Scotland/Panelbase poll are now available. (See our post of yesterday for a commentary on the initial results.) In terms of the number of questions asked at least, it is one of the largest commercial public opinion polls to have been conducted in Scotland in recent years. It is doubtful […]

ESRC Festival of Social Science Event: What Does Scotland Think About Independence?

What do people in Scotland think about the issues surrounding the referendum on independence in September 2014?  Learn, debate and influence the analysis of up to date social science evidence at this one-day event run by the Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN), an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Centre. This event is part […]

Is Independence Really Less Popular than the SNP?

The forthcoming independence referendum now dominates the Scottish political scene. The airwaves are full of claim and counterclaim about what leaving or staying in the UK might mean. As a result everyday party politics is very much taking a back seat.  But Thursday’s Dunfermline by-election for the seats vacated by the jailed former SNP MSP, […]

Two Different Countries? Scottish and English Attitudes to Equality and Europe

There has perhaps been no clearer indication of the fragility of the Union. This weekend the SNP are gathered in Perth laying out the case for Scottish independence, while in London the IPPR think tank are holding a Festival of Englishness. The two countries would seem intent on going their separate ways. Indeed, part of […]

TNS BMRB October Poll Shows Little Change (Again)

At first glance it would seem that there is little of interest in the latest TNS-BMRB poll of referendum vote intentions released today.   It looks like yet another poll that shows how difficult it is proving to be for either side to change the balance of opinion. But once we take a closer look, the […]

New interactive feature for exploring the Scottish Social Attitudes survey

We are pleased to announce the release today of a major new feature on the What Scotland Thinks website. Regular users will be aware that since its initial launch in June the site has provided access to a comprehensive collection of data from polls and surveys on people’s attitudes towards Scotland’s constitutional future.  Since then […]