Santa Brings Yes A Little Present?

Santa has come early for the Yes side in the form of a mildly encouraging pre-Christmas poll from TNS BMRB. True, the poll’s findings are not immediately spectacular. They put support for the Yes side at 27% and No at 41%.  That represents just a one point increase in the Yes vote as compared with […]

The Post-White Paper Verdict: A Little Boost for Yes?

The first post-White Paper poll, by Progressive for the Mail on Sunday, suggested the Yes vote had not increased at all in the wake of the publication of the Scottish government’s independence prospectus. The second, by Ipsos MORI for STV, showed the Yes vote was up by three points as compared with that company’s previous […]

Scottish-RUK Collaboration: The View from South of the Border

One of the key characteristics of the Scottish Government’s vision for an independent Scotland, as laid out in last week’s White Paper, is that there should be many areas of continuing collaboration and sharing between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK (RUK).  The most controversial such proposal is that Scotland should continue […]

New TNS BMRB Poll: Signs of a Slight Boost for Yes?

The latest TNS BMRB monthly poll of referendum voting intentions is published today. However, it was conducted between 20th and 27th November, largely before the publication of the White Paper on the 26th November. The poll thus does not take us any further forward in ascertaining whether the launch of the White Paper has had […]