YouGov Reports Its Highest Yes Vote Yet

YouGov have so far been amongst the more conservative of the pollsters so far as its estimate of the Yes vote is concerned. Since September, most of its polls have put the Yes vote at between 38 and 40 per cent (once Don’t Knows were excluded). Its estimate of the degree to which the No […]

TNS BMRB Poll Suggests Yes Still Have Plenty To Do

TNS BMRB’s latest monthly poll is published this morning. It is in fact relatively old. Interviewing began almost a month ago, and finished as long ago as the 9th of this month. However, that does not mean it should be ignored. The poll puts Yes on 28%, No on 42%. That represents a one point […]

Panelbase Now Also Show Yes Vote Up

One of the curious features of the polling conducted since the publication of the independence White Paper last November, is that the one and only company not to register any subsequent increase in Yes support has been Panelbase, whose results had hitherto consistently been the most favourable to the Yes side.  Of course, given that […]

Seminar in April: Who Will Turn Up – and Who Will Stay At Home?

This seminar is the latest in an occasional series of ScotCen/Institute of Governance morning briefings on public attitudes towards Scotland’s constitutional future. Each briefing focuses on public attitudes towards one of the key aspects of the referendum debate, bringing together the evidence of the Scottish Social Attitudes surveys and of commercial opinion polls. They are […]

New Feature for Combining Response Options

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a new feature appear recently on If you go to any page with a graph or table and scroll down a little, there is now a button called ‘Edit Responses’. Click on this and you will see that it allows you to combine the response categories […]

Ipsos MORI – Low Yes Vote But Little Change

The latest Ipsos MORI poll for STV of referendum vote intentions was released this afternoon. For the most part it represents disappointing news for the Yes side, though it upholds the suggestion that the currency intervention has had little impact on the balance of public opinion. Amongst those certain to vote (the opinions of whom […]

200 Days To Go

Today sees the latest of those little anniversaries that are being used to punctuate the long referendum campaign. The latest milestone is that it is 200 days to go to polling day on September 18th. The occasion has been marked by one new poll of referendum voting intentions in Scotland (together with a poll of […]