YouGov Confirm SNP Well Ahead

A bit like buses, after a dearth of polling for a few weeks, not just one, but two Scottish polls were released yesterday. Following on from Ipsos MORI’s poll for STV released yesterday lunchtime, last night a YouGov poll for The Times was published. Although its results are not as dramatic as those of Ipsos […]

Ipsos MORI Give SNP Record Westminster Poll Rating

Ever since 18 September, Labour have been fretting about the impact the referendum campaign may have had on their prospects north of the border in next May’s Westminster election. Although the party was on the winning side in the referendum, the Yes vote was relatively high in the less affluent and thus more Labour parts […]

The Referendum Legacy

Today TNS BMRB have published their first poll of voters in Scotland since the referendum. As well as giving us an insight into the relative popularity of the ways in which people actually got involved in the referendum campaign, it also provides some evidence on whether the referendum has left a legacy of potentially higher […]

What Does England Want?

The Commons gets its first chance this week to consider the fallout from the Scottish referendum, including a full day’s debate today. Although some of the discussion will be about the hopes and aspirations north of the border for more devolution, there will doubtless be debate too about what changes to the governance of England […]

Panelbase for the SNP: More on More Devolution and on Labour’s Prospects

The results of a poll conducted by Panelbase for the SNP have gradually been released during the last few days. There are two principal findings of interest. First, it provides further evidence on people’s attitudes towards more devolution. Second, it provides further evidence on the standings of the parties in the Westminster and Holyrood elections […]

Should Labour Be Worried?

One of the most remarkable features of the referendum result was that supposedly ‘Red’ Clydeside provided three of the four council areas where a majority of voters voted Yes. This has inevitably led some to question whether the link between Labour and its erstwhile ‘traditional’ working class base has been irretrievably broken. Will we find […]