Poll of Polls: Westminster Vote Intentions: 19 Jan

The graph below shows the latest What Scotland Thinks/ScotCen Poll of Polls of voting intentions in Scotland for the 2015 UK general election and how it has evolved over time. The latest Poll of Polls is based on one poll by ICM, one by Panelbase, one by Survation and one by Ipsos MORI. The polls […]

Introducing Our Westminster Poll of Polls

Regular users of this site during the referendum will remember that one of its more popular features was a ‘Poll of Polls’ of voting intentions in the referendum. It showed the average share of the vote for Yes and No recorded by the last six polls of referendum voting intentions. Attention is now, of course, […]

Ipsos MORI Give Murphy Little To Smile About

If there was a slight smile on Jim Murphy’s face at the news on Sunday that, according to Panelbase, the SNP’s lead for May’s general election had dropped from 17 points to 10, it will have disappeared on hearing the news from Ipsos MORI for STV last night that with just 24% support, his party […]

Labour Still Have A Mountain To Climb: New Survation Poll

The quiet of the New Year is definitely over. Just 24 hours after the publication of the first readings of the year, today’s Daily Record reports the findings of its latest monthly poll from Survation. Much like yesterday’s Panelbase poll in The Sunday Times today’s poll suggests there might have been some narrowing of the […]

Reason for Labour to Smile A Little?

The New Year has seen Labour’s new Scottish leader, Jim Murphy, make a few waves with a promise to deliver 1,000 extra nurses that would in effect be paid for by the proceeds of a UK government mansion tax that would be paid primarily by those living in London and the South East. Meanwhile the […]