Evidence and Confusion: More on Recent Scottish Polling

A further tranche of results from YouGov’s poll for The Times was released on Saturday, while additional findings from Ipsos MORI’s poll for STV are also now available. Between them they contain a few points that are worth noting – on independence, more devolution, further referendums and the party battle. Independence Saturday’s Times greeted us […]

So What Should Be Done About The Vow? Public Opinion and More Devolution

When the Edinburgh Agreement was signed in October 2012, the UK government declared that it would ensure that the independence referendum would be ‘legal, fair and decisive’. Although some supporters of the Yes camp may be doubtful that the referendum was entirely fair (pointing not least to what they perceive to be some biased media […]

First SSA 2014 Results: Support for Independence Up Yet Fewer Think It Would Be Beneficial

What should we make of the referendum campaign now that polling day is drawing near? That is the question being addressed today by a major ScotCen/What Scotland Thinks conference being held in Edinburgh today. To help us answer the question the event will see the unveiling of initial results from the 2014 Scottish Social Attitudes […]

Minding the gap – women’s views of independence in 2014

As we enter the final weeks of the referendum campaign, persuading key groups of voters to back their case becomes ever more important to both the Yes Scotland and the Better Together campaign. Women are one such target group. In fact, some have suggested that women may ‘hold the key’  to the outcome of September’s vote. […]

Release of initial findings from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey

Tonight (Tuesday) sees the release of initial findings on attitudes towards independence from the latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey, which was conducted between June and October last year. Tomorrow (Wednesday) you will be able to both to mine the data for yourself using our data explorer while there will also be some briefings that report […]

Scottish-RUK Collaboration: The View from South of the Border

One of the key characteristics of the Scottish Government’s vision for an independent Scotland, as laid out in last week’s White Paper, is that there should be many areas of continuing collaboration and sharing between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK (RUK).  The most controversial such proposal is that Scotland should continue […]