How Popular is EVEL?

Last year’s independence referendum might have settled – for the time being at least – the question of whether Scotland should be an independent country. But it left a legacy of two further debates and controversies. The first, instigated by Gordon Brown’s ‘vow’ in the final days of the referendum campaign, was about how much […]

YouGov Put Labour Up Just A Little – And Some Polling Catch Up.

Today’s Sun contains another poll of voting intentions for the general election in Scotland. Conducted by YouGov before last Thursday’s leaders’ debate (and the row about what Nicola Sturgeon supposedly said to the French Ambassador), it puts the SNP on 46%, unchanged from the company’s previous full sized Scottish poll undertaken in the middle of […]

What Does England Want?

The Commons gets its first chance this week to consider the fallout from the Scottish referendum, including a full day’s debate today. Although some of the discussion will be about the hopes and aspirations north of the border for more devolution, there will doubtless be debate too about what changes to the governance of England […]

Two Different Countries? Scottish and English Attitudes to Equality and Europe

There has perhaps been no clearer indication of the fragility of the Union. This weekend the SNP are gathered in Perth laying out the case for Scottish independence, while in London the IPPR think tank are holding a Festival of Englishness. The two countries would seem intent on going their separate ways. Indeed, part of […]

Is Devolution Keeping Britain Together or Driving It Apart?

According to Lord Robertson, Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary during the 1990s, introducing devolution would kill nationalism ‘stone dead’.  In contrast, his former backbench colleague, Tam Dalyell, argued it would prove to be a ‘slippery slope’ towards Scottish independence. With a referendum on Scottish independence due to be held in a year’s time, at the moment […]

The Future of England: Implications for Scotland

The latest Future of England Survey (FoES), conducted annually by the University of Edinburgh, Cardiff University and the Institute for Public Policy Research, is launched today (8 July). It shows that people in England are increasingly dissatisfied with their current constitutional arrangements and increasingly demand the political recognition of England. Some of the dissatisfactions are […]